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Click here to view a step by step walk through on how to purchase a sponsorship.

Credit Card

Q: Can I purchase a sponsorship with a credit card?

A: Yes! If you would like pay by credit card, first secure your sponsorship and select pay by check to process your sponsorship. Then contact - Marina Sloane at: Marina will take your credit card payment over the phone. Please note there is an additional 3% fee charged by the credit processor on all credit card payments. 

Learn more >


Q: I have secured my sponsorship - what else do I need to do? 

A: Visit the "tasks" tab and upload your company logo - high resolution and jpeg. You will also be receiving a sponsor contract to electronically sign and return, please do this promptly.


Q: I need a copy of my receipt showing payment, where do I go?

A: Once your payment has been received by Vizient accounting - you will get an automatic email confirmation and copy of receipt - as well as your receipt will also be available in your tasks tab. Learn more>

Apply Comp Reg to Myself

Q: I purchased the sponsorship and want to apply a complimentary registration to my account, how do I do this?

A: After you have secured the sponsorship, visit the "task" page. Copy the code located above the box. Visit the event website and go through the registration process. Enter the code you copied at checkout. Your balance will be updated to $0. Learn more >

Complimentary Registrations

Q: My sponsorship came with complimentary registrations to attend the summit, how to I give them to people at my organization to use? 

A: After you have completed your sponsorship order, visit the "tasks" tab. Here you can enter the name and email of the colleague you would like to invite using the complimentary registration. Once you enter their email - the system will invite them to register for the event at no cost. Alternatively you can share the discount code located in this section that they can enter at checkout after they register.  Click here to view complete instructions. 


Q: I need a copy of my invoice to request my check payment, where do I go?

A: Check your email for your automatic email confirmation. Alternatively, log in and visit the "tasks" tab.  Learn More >


Q: I am having difficulty logging in.

A: Click here to learn how to reset your password or request access if you do not have a Vizient log-in.

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